Problem summary

The user needs to get an overview of multiple pictures without having to download each of the full size images.


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A thumbnail is a miniature version of a larger picture. The thumbnail can illustrate anything graphical: a picture, movie or even a screenshot of a webpage.

The dimensions (width and height) of multiple thumbnails appearing next to each other are the exact same. In order to preserve the same proportions in the thumbnail image as were found in the original image, both resizing and cropping is part of the image manipulation process.

Common thumbnail sizes are:

  • 48×48 Very small
  • 64×64 Small
  • 80×80 Medium
  • 96×96 Medium
  • 128×128 Large
  • 144×144 Extra large
  • 160×160 Super Large


Using thumbnails provides the user with an overview of several images or movies in the space of one web page. Furthermore, thumbnails save bandwidth as the user does not have to click through all images to find the one he or she is looking for, but can be guided by the previews provided by the thumbnails.


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