Keyboard Shortcuts

Problem summary

The user wants to perform repetitive tasks faster


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Allow users to trigger actions faster with keyboard commands.

Typically keyboard shortcuts are made for commands that are part of frequent or repetitive user tasks.

When adding shortcuts to your application, keep away from using existing system shortcuts or shortcuts that already used elsewhere in another context in the same application. Avoid repurposing shortcuts that users have already adapted into their workflow.

You might want to consider adding keyboard shortcut information to menu items and button and icon tooltips, if available.


Ease access to repetitive tasks by providing skilled users with keyboard shortcuts to their associated actions. Reduce the total time spent, the steps needed, and mental energy wasted to complete a task without making it harder on novice users.

Keyboard shortcuts accelerate exposition of program function to users through keypresses rather than mouse clicks. This can greatly help speed up task completion time as the user does not need to switch modes from using they keyboard to the mouse; hands can stay on the keyboard.


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