Accordion Menu

Problem summary

User needs to navigate among a website's main sections while still being able to quickly browse to the subsection of another.


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  • Each headline / section has a panel, which upon clicking can be expanded either vertically or horizontally into showing its subsections. Vertical Accordion menus are the most frequently used.
  • The transition from showing no options of a headline to showing a headline’s list of options can be done either with a page refresh or with a javascript DHTML animation.
  • When one panel is clicked it is expanded, while other panels are collapsed.


Accordion menus are often used as a website’s main navigation. In this way, it acts much like Navigation Tabs, as menu items are collapsed when a new panel is clicked. Where the Navigation Tabs are most often used horizontally, Accordion menus are most often used vertically.

Accordion menus can however also function quite well as sub-navigation for a specific section of a website.


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