Fat Footer

Problem summary

Users need a mechanism that will enable them to quickly access specific sections of a site or application bypassing the navigational structure.


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End a page by providing relevant links to other sections of your site.

Add the same footer on all pages of a website – with the same layout in the footer on all pages. Typically, these things are included in fat footer designs:

  • About us link: Link to your “about us” section, which then includes basic information about your company.
  • Terms of service: If you provide a service or a product, placing a link to it in the footer is a standard location, why users anticipate it being there.
  • Privacy policy: As with the terms of service, users expect to always be able to find privacy policies in the footer of a website.
  • Site map: Provide quick links the most important pages of your website.
  • Contact us link: Make sure your users have a way to get in hold of you. If you have a “Contact us” page, users expect to find a link to it in the footer. This is also a critical point in building the trustworthiness of your site as it is displaying your physical address.
  • Address and phone number: Show that you are real. If you have a physical business, offer phone support, or have a reason for people to mail you things, putting that information in the footer is an anticipated and appropriate location.
  • Social links: Link to any social presences you might have on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the likes.


Keep visitors on your site for longer: end one experience by starting a new one. Provide easy and natural ways for users to continue their journey. By adding a shortcut to the most frequently used pages and functions, the path can be shortened and confusion can be decreased.

The hierarchical structure of a website can at times impede the path to specific page or function of a website. By adding a shortcut to the most frequently used pages and functions, the path can be shortened: the number of clicks can be lessened and the confusion decreased.


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